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The giveaway I’ve been preparing for since the beginning of the year but kept procrastinating is finally here!

There’ll be 3 winners:
♥ One box of My Beauty Diary Luffa face mask, with Soothing, Repairing,Moisturizing and Clarifying effects for clear, soft skin
♥ Three Etude House face masks - Lemon, for tone clarification- Strawberry Yogurt, for soft, moist skin- Vitamin Complex, for radiating skin
♥ Three Etude House “Play” series Nail Polishes, one baby pink, one baby blue and one color of choice
♥ One box full of my favorite Asian candies♥ One neon tiger tank♥ One bright purple high-waisted shorts
- 2 more winners will be picked to receive a box packed with yummy goodies too! -
How to enter:
1) Please be following me ♥
2) Reblog this post (You can like as reference // Each reblog counts as an entry)
3) Enter the needed information here ♥

♦Blogs solely for the purpose of entering giveaways will be disqualified♦
That’s all!
♥ Enter my referral code "D8CRZ6" on Feature Points to get extra entries! (Don’t worry you don’t have to pay at all!)
♥ Half the money earned via Feature Points would go to helping my good friend who’s stuck in a financial crisis ☺
♥ A quarter of the money earned via Feature Points would go to hosting more of such giveaways for everyone and the other quarter would be savings for my future clothing store 
♥ Send me an ask if you have any questions! I’d be very happy to help > u <
♥ This giveaway ends on September 30th

This giveaway will be hosted via Rafflecopter. Prizes are all brand new and are not sponsored.